Removing Child Labor, Deforestation, and Poverty from the Cost of Chocolate | Sustainable Procurement News |

A 2017 investigative report published by the NGO Mighty Earth informed the industry at-large about the enormous problem of deforestation. The report focused on Ghana and Ivory Coast, the world’s two largest cocoa producing countries, who grew and exported 2.3 million metric tons — or 52 percent — of the world’s cocoa in 2016. Ghana and Ivory Coast have lost around 90 percent of their forests, one third of that for cocoa. Less than 11 percent of Ivory Coast remains forested. Satellite maps from 1990-2015 show the dramatic impact of deforestation on this country, where now only 200-400 elephants remain from an original population of hundreds of thousands. According to Mighty Earth, a single dark chocolate bar made with cocoa derived from deforested areas produces the same amount of carbon pollution as driving 4.9 miles in a car. Then try multiplying the impact by the billions of chocolate bars consumed by Americans alone each year.