New registrations of electric vehicles hit a record in 2016, with more than 750,000 sold worldwide, according to the latest statistics from the International Energy Agency. Precipitous growth of 50% a year since 2010 has been driven by falling costs of production and incentives to consumers from policy makers. This is most notable in the world’s biggest and fastest-growing EV market, China, which is determined to tackle rising air pollution as its burgeoning middle class trade two wheels for four. Climate change concerns are also a big driver for policy makers, who see electric vehicles as key to tackling transport emissions, which in the UK account for some 28% of greenhouse gas emissions, according to the Committee on Climate Change. National Grid’s latest Future Energy Scenarios concludes that a third of transport-related emissions could be cut if 36 million EVs were on the streets by 2040, adding 8GW to UK peak electricity demand.